Our Strategy

Our Strategy

The world is changing rapidly. The global community has seven years to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), but progress is backsliding because of the convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, and conflict. Nearly two billion people lack access to basic medicines, only a third of patients in low- and middle-income countries are treated within clinical guidelines, and 10% of medical products in those countries are substandard or falsified. Our work is evolving to support our partner countries as they face the challenges of this shifting environment.

Changing World, Changing MSH

As we embark on this new chapter, we are building on important strengths. When we ask our partners and donors how we can help them, they highlight our technical expertise in strengthening health systems as more relevant than ever. They also highlight our strong relationships with ministries of health and other local partners as a critical driver of sustainability. This combination of world-class technical expertise and local relationships is at the heart of our approach and our strategy.

Our Strategy 2023–2030

Our Five Strategic Priorities


  • Further build our global presence to move our operations increasingly outside of the US 
  • Establish a local presence in priority countries through a country representative or a strategic partnership with a local organization 
  • Forge innovative country partnerships and develop business models that drive innovation at the local level 


  • Focus on supporting local leaders to develop resilient, people-centered health systems that are prepared for pandemics, disease outbreaks, and climate change
  • Invest in expertise in health economics and financing, capacity strengthening, pharmaceutical systems, and supply chain areas where we see a growing need among our clients and partners


  • Focus on knowledge sharing and learning, internally and externally, with both global and local partners 
  • Continue our commitment to DEI, ensuring that all voices contribute to our approaches and increase equity, localization, and innovation 


  • Use leading-edge data collection and management techniques to develop innovations, improve our project performance, and improve population health 
  • Strengthen the ability of governments, the local private sector, local partners, frontline health workers, and communities to use data to drive better decisions and innovations 
  • Use data to add to the global body of knowledge and demonstrate the impact of health systems interventions 


  • Seek out strategic partnerships with organizations working at the cutting edge of areas relevant to our strategic priorities
  • Work directly with governments, private sector, and local partners to mobilize resources for new ideas
  • Broaden our body of partnerships to drive more impact, especially with multilateral organizations, the private sector, and philanthropies

For more detail on our 2023-30 strategy, please see pages 4-5 of our 2022 Annual Report.

Annual Reports

Read the stories of the people with whom we work. Together, with our diverse funding and implementing partners, we work with local health leaders and institutions around the world to create lasting health impact.

For more than 50 years, our partnerships have been delivering lasting results in over 150 countries. From local implementers and charitable foundations, to government donors and the private sector, our partners know they can rely on us to provide the technical expertise and decades of experience necessary to leave the work in the capable hands of the people with whom we work.

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