Strengthening Health System Foundations

Strengthening Health System Foundations

Our people-centered approach ensures that those with whom we work are the drivers of progress and will lead their own way to optimal, equitable, and quality health systems.

We strengthen health systems as a means of addressing key health challenges, achieving universal health coverage, and ultimately improving population health. We improve health system functions through policy and practice changes that increase access, coverage, quality, and/or efficiency of health services, leading to better health outcomes in the countries where we work.

A pharmacist in a medicines stock room
Systems Thinking for Health

We put systems thinking into practice to strengthen health systems.

Two health practitioner reviewing some data
Data, Health Information, and Measurement

We bring data to bear on every decision.

A mother and her child sit under their bednet
Primary Health Care

We provide integrated, whole-person care for health needs.

Health clinic in Afghanistan
Human Resources for Health

We help countries develop the right training, tools, and resources needed for a successful health workforce.

U.S. PMI-S team members meet with the leadership
Leadership, Management, and Governance

Our programmatic work consistently demonstrates that investments in improved management, leadership, and governance produce tangible results and impact on health.

Woman pharmacist in Ethiopia
Pharmaceutical and Supply Chain Management

We improve access to medicines and people-centered services through strong global health supply chains.

Smiling nurse
Health Care Financing

We work with countries to allocate financial resources for health and increase access to quality services through evidence-based and sustainable health financing strategies.

Midwife vaccinates a man during a COVID-19 vaccine campaign
Product and Health Technology Optimizations

We ensure that countries have the tools to determine the value of health technologies to promote an equitable and efficient health system.

Technical Experts

View Person: Gustavo Bastos
Gustavo Bastos

Gustavo Bastos

Technical Strategy Lead, MTaPS Program, Asia

View Person: René Berger
Rene Berger

René Berger

Senior Technical Director and Practice Area Lead for Pharmaceutical Systems Strengthening and Supply Chain Systems

View Person: Amy Boldosser-Boesch
Amy Boldosser-Boesch, Senior Technical Director and Practice Area Lead for Health Policy, Advocacy and Engagement, and Integrated Health Care

Amy Boldosser-Boesch

Senior Technical Director and Practice Area Lead for Health Policy, Advocacy, and Engagement and Integrated Health Care

View Person: Jane Briggs
Jane Briggs

Jane Briggs

Senior Principal Technical Advisor, MTaPS Program, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health

View Person: Seydou Doumbia
Seydou Doumbia

Seydou Doumbia

Technical Strategy Lead, MTaPS Program, Francophone Africa

View Person: Kwesi E. Eghan
Kwesi Eghan

Kwesi E. Eghan

Principal Technical Advisor, MTaPS Program

View Person: Colin Gilmartin
Colin Gilmartin, Senior Technical Advisor, Health Care Financing

Colin Gilmartin

Principal Technical Advisor, Health Economics and Financing

View Person: Tamara Hafner
Headshot of Tamara Hafner

Tamara Hafner

Senior Principal Technical Advisor, MTaPS Program, Research

View Person: Kate Henderson
Kate Henderson, Senior Technical Advisor, Leadership, Management, and Governance at MSH

Kate Henderson

Technical Director and Cluster Lead for Leadership, Management, and Governance

View Person: Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes

Jacob Hughes

Senior Technical Director and Practice Area Lead for Health Systems

View Person: Mohan P. Joshi
Mohan Joshi

Mohan P. Joshi

Senior Principal Technical Advisor, MTaPS Program, Pharmaceutical Services and Global Health Security Agenda

View Person: Kimberly Kane
Headshot of Kimberly Kane

Kimberly Kane

Senior Technical Director and Practice Area Lead for Local Capacity Strengthening

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