Primary Health Care

Building the Foundation for Sustainable Improvements in Quality of Care

Through the Integrated Health Service Activity (IHSA) in Benin, MSH is expanding the delivery of high-impact malaria, family planning, maternal and child health, and gender-based violence services, with the goal of reducing maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent girls’ morbidity and mortality. During the first year of the project, more than 40,000 children under five with suspected malaria received treatment and over 40,000 pregnant women attended at least four antenatal visits with a skilled provider. This work is building the foundation for sustainable improvements in quality of care at the primary health care level while strengthening government and citizen engagement in the health sector.

Building Person-Centered, Integrated Local Systems for Primary Care

Strong, responsive, and sustainable primary health care systems are essential for achieving universal health coverage, maintaining population health, preventing the spread of infectious disease, reducing the burden of noncommunicable diseases, and decreasing health care costs. Primary health care represents a shift from disease-specific services to acting as the first point of contact with the health system and providing integrated, person-centered care to communities. We work with governments and local organizations to facilitate strong primary health care systems that are affordable and accessible, provide lifesaving health services at every stage of life, and act as an early warning system to detect and prevent disease outbreaks.

With her community struggling to access proper health care, a local health volunteer and leader, Babera Georgette rallied her neighbors to build a new health center. Georgette had received training on community health messaging, leadership, gender equality, and promoting healthy behavior change through the USAID Mikolo project. And she led her friends and neighbors to get the job done, a vibrant example of self-reliant, community-led health care.

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