Primary Health Care Costing Tool Development and Implementation

Primary Health Care Costing Tool Development and Implementation


With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we developed a new costing tool to help countries strengthen their primary health care services. The cost information obtained helps countries advocate for more resources and improve resource allocation and use, resulting in better access to and quality of care.   

The new tool is the first of its kind designed specifically for costing comprehensive, integrated primary health care services. It covers community, health center, and primary hospital services, as well as system management, and produces unit costs for each type of service and total costs by facility type, district, and country. The tool is a public good and available free of charge, allowing users to adapt it to local needs, and is accompanied by user guidelines and training materials. 

We have worked closely with experts from country governments, international organizations, and universities to ensure that the tool complements existing tools, is as simple and practical as possible, and meets the needs of users and policy makers. We have piloted the tool in several countries, and training and support will be provided to those countries that wish to use it during the course of the project. 

This new tool builds on our many years of experience in developing and using costing tools for health services and programs. For more information, please contact Colin Gilmartin (

Colin Gilmartin, Senior Technical Advisor, Health Care Financing
Colin Gilmartin

Principal Technical Advisor, Health Care Financing

Project Contact

Colin Gilmartin, Principal Technical Advisor for Health Care Financing, supports the design and implementation of programs and initiatives to advance universal health coverage with a focus on policy research and analysis, economic evaluation and financial modeling, and program management. Gilmartin began his career working in rural Burkina Faso as a community health development worker with the US Peace Corps.

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