Primary Health Care Performance Management Activity

Primary Health Care Performance Management Activity


Primary health care (PHC) is the foundation of a strong health system and plays a pivotal role in attaining universal health coverage (UHC), enhancing health security, and nurturing healthier communities. Effective PHC performance management is integral to strengthening PHC systems and realizing better health outcomes for communities.

In Ghana and Rwanda, district health management teams (DHMTs) have elected to participate in the multi-year PHC Leadership Development Program (PHC-LDP) under the PHC Performance Management Activity, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This initiative, marked by experiential learning and performance management, seeks to empower DHMTs to enhance leadership and management practices, identify and tackle challenges within the health system, and achieve measurable results through increased PHC system performance and enhanced health outcomes.

This activity’s approach to promoting locally driven and sustainable PHC performance consists of four main components:

  • Data dashboards: Co-designed, integrated dashboards will utilize routine and additional data to track key PHC indicators, guiding operational decisions made by DHMTs.
  • PHC-LDP and Challenge Model: A six-month action-planning process will strengthen DHMT leadership and governance, utilizing available resources to improve PHC performance. Ongoing mentoring and coaching will support data-driven priority setting, monitoring progress, and adapting strategies.
  • Catalytic grant funding: Fixed obligation grants will enable DHMTs to implement their action plans, maintaining autonomy over fund execution.
  • Continuous inter- and intra-district learning: DHMTs will engage in collaborative learning and share challenges and best practices for PHC performance management to inform the next implementation cycle. Cross-district collaboration will be encouraged, culminating in a national learning workshop.
Colin Gilmartin

Project Director

Project Contact

Colin Gilmartin serves as the Project Director of the PHC Performance Management Activity, supporting district health management teams in Ghana and Rwanda to use routine operational data and leverage catalytic grant funding to implement and regularly monitor results oriented PHC action plans to achieve improved health outcomes. His work has focused on improving PHC resource allocation and system performance and advising ministries of health, non-governmental organizations, and donors in areas of health financing (economic evaluation, investment case development, sustainable financing). Through funding from UNICEF and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, he has led PHC costing analyses and investment cases for national community health worker programs. Gilmartin began his career working in rural Burkina Faso as a community health development worker with the US Peace Corps and completed his Masters of Science in public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.