Organized Network of Services for Everyone’s Health Activity

Organized Network of Services for Everyone’s Health Activity


Together with the government of Malawi and local partners, between 2016-2022, we improved the quality and access to essential health services, strengthened health system performance, and increased demand across 16 districts.

More than two million Malawians accessed essential health services for immunizations, maternal and newborn care, family planning, nutrition counseling, malaria diagnosis and treatment, and more.

Three million children under 5 years of age with pneumonia received antibiotics from trained health workers and 540,000 children were fully vaccinated against measles-rubella.

Some 3.8 million youth were reached through youth-friendly health services and 305,000 youths accessed family planning services from ONSE-supported mobile outreach teams.

ONSE Health Activity in Malawi provides support to the MOH’s pandemic response plan

Over 610,000 people were vaccinated against COVID-19 with support from ONSE since 2021, nearly 57% of all vaccines administered across the country.

Together for Everyone’s Health

The Organized Network of Services for Everyone’s (ONSE) Health Activity held a closeout ceremony in Lilongwe to celebrate progress made and accomplishments achieved during its six years (2016-2022) assisting the Malawi Ministry of Health to expand access to quality health care services throughout the country. The event – Together for Everyone’s Health – recognized the many actors working toward locally led and sustainable improvements in health care service delivery, which have improved the lives of millions of people in Malawi.


In Malawi, we led USAID’s flagship health program, the ONSE Health Activity, which targeted major improvements in health through sustainable approaches and increased country ownership. ONSE delivered a package of health interventions to strengthen the health system and increased access, improved quality, and increased demand for services in family planning and reproductive health; maternal, newborn, and child health; nutrition; malaria; and water, sanitation, and hygiene. As a trusted partner to the Ministry of Health and Population, district health governments, health facilities, and community groups, we co-designed performance-improvement interventions using data to work through bottlenecks and systematically addressed gaps in the system to ensure the delivery of quality care. ONSE helped transform local capacity and health infrastructure across 16 districts, bringing essential health care services to more than half of Malawi’s population. ONSE was also a key partner in the government’s response to cholera, Cylcone Idai, and COVID-19, enabling the coordinated and rapid district-led response needed to contain the pandemic.