Pharmacist Mary Yeesuf in her office

Combating Malaria on a Global Scale in Nigeria

Nigeria has the largest population in Africa, now exceeding 200 million across 36 states. Unfortunately, Nigeria is also home to 25% of the world’s malaria cases. MSH is a partner to the government of Nigeria in combating malaria. Through our work with the Global Fund, covering 13 states, and USAID and the President’s Malaria Initiative, which will cover 8 states, MSH is supporting Nigeria’s National Malaria Eradication Plan from the Ministry to the facility level across nearly 60% of the country. This means MSH is directly supporting 15% of the global malaria response in one country alone.

Fighting Malaria

Despite much progress, the fight against malaria is far from over.  A lack of community awareness about prevention and treatment, the emergence of drug-resistant malaria parasites, and the limited capacity of public and private institutions to use resources effectively make ending malaria difficult. For more than three decades, we have partnered with national malaria control programs, donors, and international and local stakeholders in dozens of countries to fight malaria. Our programs help to scale proven interventions to prevent and treat malaria while building capacity across health systems, ensuring access to lifesaving medicines and diagnostics at the facility and community levels, and supporting health providers with the skills to effectively diagnose and treat the disease. 

Our approach to fighting malaria includes: 

  • Developing accreditation standards 
  • Improving the quality of malaria diagnosis and treatment
  • Engaging the private sector
  • Strengthening drug supply chains, data for decision making, and rational use of malaria products