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Educating Mothers on TB Prevention in Ethiopia

Outreach and training are crucial to increasing community knowledge of TB and how it spreads. Roza Alemayehu’s child often plays or eats at the home of a close neighbor who is receiving TB treatment. Although Roza knew that the neighbor was receiving treatment, she didn’t realize her child was being exposed to TB. After attending local TB nurse Tadelech Tefera’s classes and better understanding TB transmission, she decided to start her child on TB preventive treatment. Since the training she received from the USAID Eliminate TB Project, Nurse Tefera has reached over 100 mothers in her community with educational classes on TB, specifically seeking out mothers of children who live in close proximity to those with confirmed TB and encouraging them to start their children on preventative treatment. 

Stopping Tuberculosis

We have managed large, complex tuberculosis (TB) projects to fight the TB epidemic for more than 20 years. We work with public- and private-sector local partners to develop quality and sustainable solutions at all levels of the health system to meet the needs of communities affected by TB while bolstering local leadership, management, and transparent governance. 

To address the challenge of TB, we:

  • Develop innovative strategies using data and a people-centered approach
  • Bring diagnostic, preventive, and treatment services to high-risk populations and those affected by drug-resistant TB
  • Integrate TB care into HIV and COVID-19 care
  • Create resilient health systems and ensure continuous availability of medicines and supplies
  • Increase commitment from, and build the capacity of, governments, civil society, and the private sector to accelerate national progress in reaching the global targets for TB