Anika Ruisch

Anika Ruisch is a Technical Advisor at MSH with more than eight years of public health research, epidemiology, and project management experience working in public, private, and nonprofit settings. At MSH, she’s been leading the development of a guide on Health Technology Assessment (HTA) for medical devices for the USAID Medicines, Technologies, and Pharmaceutical Services (MTaPS) Program and two costing studies estimating the financial investment needed to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations in Malawi and seasonal malaria chemoprevention in West and Central Africa, funded by USAID and the BMGF, respectively. 

Ruisch specializes in leveraging research and analytics to make data-driven decisions in public health. Prior to joining MSH, she worked as a Research Manager at Deerfield Management, where she managed epidemiological research projects such as incidence and prevalence forecast models to inform investment decisions in health care. She supported UNICEF’s data collection team as a statistics consultant designing new MICS household survey methodologies, including a field test in Belize. She worked as a Data Analyst at Catholic Charities, where she developed the roadmap for a new M&E framework for the organization’s behavioral health centers. At the European Commission’s DG ECHO, she was a member of the Ebola Task Force and supported the response coordination of European assistance to West Africa. She managed the lessons learned process of DG ECHO’s Ebola crisis response with the UN, European Commission, and nonprofit partners. 

Ruisch received her MSc in epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and MSc in global health from the University of Copenhagen.