Tobacco Policy Action Fund for Africa (TOPAFA)

Tobacco Policy Action Fund for Africa (TOPAFA)


Tobacco use—the most common cause of preventable deaths worldwide—is rising in Africa, especially among young girls and other vulnerable groups. Tobacco-related deaths are projected to double in Africa between 2002 and 2030. Despite the promising momentum in adopting domestic policies for controlling tobacco in the sub-Saharan Africa region, the actual implementation of these policies lags behind, causing discrepancies between policy development and effective execution and hindering the region’s ability to address the growing challenges posed by tobacco use and safeguard public health.

In partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, MSH’s Tobacco Policy Action Fund for Africa (TOPAFA) project applies an innovative approach to support eligible governments in sub-Saharan African countries, which are signatories to the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. We provide funding and technical assistance to advance their national tobacco control priorities and implement best practice tobacco control policies through results-based grants and peer-to-peer learning. These efforts are also supported by our collaboration with WHO, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, and Africa Capacity Building Foundation.

TOPAFA’s innovative approach supports African governments in reducing the rates of tobacco use, improving public health, and saving millions of lives. As of 2023, data shows that:

  • There has been a significant increase in public spaces complying with smoke-free laws in Côte d’Ivoire, The Gambia, and Uganda (2,500 total post-support to government)
  • In The Gambia, the percentage of tobacco products that complied with graphic health warning label requirements increased by 55% post-support to the government
  • Domestic and cross-border tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship were reduced by 3.5% post-support to the Government of Ethiopia
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Management Sciences for Health to Support African Countries in Tobacco Control

Through the Tobacco Policy Action Fund for Africa (the Fund), MSH is supporting African governments in putting tobacco control policies into action.

MSH in Nigeria

For nearly two decades, MSH has partnered with Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health, state ministries of health, local partners, and health service providers to control infectious diseases and improve child and maternal health. In addition to our years of support to fight tuberculosis (TB), HIV and AIDS, and other epidemics, we are supporting Nigeria’s National Malaria Elimination Program (NMEP) across nearly 60% of Nigeria—from the ministry to the facility level—which comprises 15% of the global malaria response. We have provided malaria preventive treatment to close to 4 million children under the age of five and maintained services despite disruptions from civil conflicts and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michael Adegbe

Fund Manager

Project Contact

Michael Adegbe serves as Fund Manager for the Tobacco Policy Action Fund for Africa, leading MSH’s work to support governments in sub-Saharan Africa on implementing their tobacco control policies. Adegbe has over 15 years’ experience working in compliance, management, and administration of contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements and regulatory frameworks for effective management of multi-year funds in sub-awards.

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