DRC-IHP Effective Innovations: Integrated Community Case Management


In Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), 320,000 children under five die every year—104 per 1,000 live births. The vast majority of these infants and children succumb to neonatal complications, malaria, respiratory infections, or diarrhea—all preventable or treatable at a health facility. But millions of people live far from facilities or cannot afford them. IHP therefore developed 766 Integrated Community Case Management (i-CCM) sites to provide life-saving treatments for common childhood illnesses in communities with difficult access to health facilities.

This brief is part of a series highlighting health system innovations that the Integrated Health Project (DRC-IHP) has adapted and implemented on a large scale in DRC. Together, these approaches have saved tens of thousands of lives in DRC over the past few years. We hope these publications will inspire others to use these proven approaches in their own context.