Eliminating HIV and AIDS

Strengthening health systems is the core of MSH’s response to HIV and AIDS. We build the capacity of public and private sectors worldwide to prevent, treat, and manage HIV and AIDS and build systems for health that deliver gender-responsive, high-quality HIV services that are adapted to the populations we serve. We build partners’ abilities to more effectively manage their medicines, finances, and information and promote communities as the front line of disease prevention and response. Our technical teams guide policy reform by developing approaches to testing, care, and support that increase efficiencies and result in better person-centered care. 

To advance global targets that call for 90 percent of people living with HIV to know their status, 90 percent of those diagnosed to be on treatment, and 90 percent of those on treatment to be virally suppressed (90-90-90) by 2020, MSH works with partners to identify people living with HIV and help enroll them in treatment. Once people are on antiretrovirals (ARVs), we support their adherence to ART. In FY 2016, our work in four countries, DRC, Uganda, Malawi and Nigeria helped:

This HIV and AIDS fact sheet summarizes MSH’s work in expanding HIV prevention, care, and treatment to reach marginalized, hard-to-reach populations in the most affected countries.