GMS Final Technical Report #1: The PR Management Dashboard Assessment

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GMS Final Technical Report #1: The PR Management Dashboard Assessment

As part of its mission to support the Principal Recipients (PRs) that implement Global Fund grants and the Country Coordinating Mechanisms (CCMs) that oversee them, the Grant Management Solutions (GMS) project developed a suite of management tools called grant dashboards. The suite includes the PR Management Dashboard and the CCM Summary.

With technical support from GMS and other technical support agencies, the PR Management Dashboard was rolled out to 95 PRs in 27 countries between March 2015 and June 2017. An assessment showed that over 75% of the dashboards introduced during this period continued to be used 12 or more months after technical support had concluded and that their use led to key improvements, including:

  1. PRs that regularly used the PR Management Dashboard reported higher quality data and enhanced communications with both CCMs and the sub-recipients (SRs) that partner with them to implement grants.

  2. Grant performance results were higher for longer-term PR Management Dashboard users compared with new users.