MSH Broadens Expertise and Capacity to Improve Women’s and Children’s Health with New Programs, Staff

November 06, 2015

MSH Broadens Expertise and Capacity to Improve Women’s and Children’s Health with New Programs, Staff

November 6, 2015—Management Sciences for Health (MSH) announced today that it has broadened its expertise and capacity to improve  women’s and children’s health with the recent addition of a number of staff and programs of Family Care International (FCI), one of the world’s premier organizations in global advocacy and accountability for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, and adolescent health. This addition expands MSH’s technical expertise and positions the organization even more significantly as a leader in health systems strengthening.

“The addition of these staff and programs from FCI broadens MSH’s capacity to improve women’s and children’s health  and ensures that civil society has a voice in strengthening health systems and the ability to participate fully in their own health,“ said Jonathan D. Quick, MD, MPH, President and CEO of MSH. “Communities need to influence the way services are provided for them.“ 

MSH and FCI have long worked as health advocates, with compatible and complementary missions, approaches, and capabilities. Founded almost 30 years ago, FCI was the world’s first international organization dedicated to maternal health, advocating for every woman’s and newborn’s right to access high-quality health services. FCI also has a proven track record in capacity building for advocacy, accountability and policy change at the country level on issues related to reproductive, maternal and adolescent health, including working with domestic health budgets.

“Today, advocacy and accountability—at the global, national, and community levels —are increasingly important tools for sustainable change. Expertise in translating technical evidence into powerful advocacy messages, policy change, and programmatic action is more essential than ever,” said Catharine Taylor, Vice President of MSH’s Health Programs Group, where the new programs will be housed. “The world is looking for accelerated progress towards maternal, child and adolescent health. We need to explore new models of care, use new technologies and embrace all sectors.”

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