Management Sciences for Health Applauds Pharmaceutical Companies' Efforts to Address Rise of Non-Communicable Diseases

Global health NGO Management Sciences for Health (MSH) commends the collective efforts of 22 biopharma companies on the launch of "Access Accelerated," a global initiative to advance access to non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention and care in low and lower-middle income countries.

"Access to medicines is a core component of strengthening health systems and achieving universal health coverage," said Douglas Keene, MSH's vice president for pharmaceuticals and health technologies. "We share a commitment toward finding innovative ways of making medicines accessible for everyone, and initiatives like Access Accelerated are a great example of creativity and good will on the part of pharmaceutical companies, governments, and civil society coming together for the benefit of all people."

The multi-stakeholder collaboration, announced at World Economic Forum last week, will be delivered in partnership with World Bank Group and Union for International Cancer Control. The initial three-year commitment will catalyze, develop, measure, and replicate sustainable programs in low and lower-middle income countries. Collective funding of $50 million and increased individual company program commitments have been secured in support of this important effort.

NCDs have increased considerably in recent years, especially in lower and middle income countries, where nearly 80 percent of NCD-related deaths occur. This reality poses a serious risk to the gains that countries have made in strengthening their health systems and protecting the health of their citizens. Coordinated efforts that include the private sector and governments at an international level are key to tackling the rise of NCDs. Access Accelerated is one such effort that deserves praise and participation.

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