World AIDS Day 2006: Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise. In commemoration of World AIDS Day 2006, the following story provides insight into one of the many ways that MSH is working to mitigate the burden of HIV/AIDS in the developing world. With grants provided by MSH’s Integrated Primary Health Care (IPHC) Project and funded by PEPFAR, Khanyiselani Development Trust (KDT) in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa uses ecotherapy (or “nature therapy”) to provide orphans and vulnerable children with vital and high-quality psychosocial support.

Most people would call it quits if an auditor told them that their organization would survive for only six more months—given that your largest donor (44%) decided to pull out. But that is not what the leaders of Profamilia did; Dr. Freddy Cardenas Ortega, Dr.

Uganda Medical School Trains Doctors for the Realities of their Future Careers Providing health care in any country in the world is a multibillion-dollar investment. The best way to maximize the effectiveness of a health system is to properly manage those resources. All health managers must be well prepared to manage and lead to achieve results. A study on leadership in business, conducted by MatrixGlobal LLC, found that for every $1.00 spent on coaching and leadership development, $7.90 was returned.