Nicaraguan leaders inspire community commitment to improve health, education, and citizenshipThe assembled community leaders had tears in their eyes as one woman described how the bombs in Nicaragua's civil war ended her pregnancy. Divided in the 1980s by an internal war, these auxiliary mayors and community leaders from the Waslala municipality were brought together by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) for a value-based leadership and management development program.

The Mozambican Ministry of Health (MOH) used a new approach to improve service delivery over the past two years—giving workers at all levels of the health sector a chance to offer solutions to issues ranging from budget details to equipment sterilization. Though such issues don't usually inspire an outpouring of enthusiasm or creativity from employees, MOH managers have recently seen just such a response from their staff.Read More

Last year women in Senegal's Joal district faced a difficult decision-should they deliver their babies in the comfort of their own homes, but without available medical technology, or should they travel to the local health center to go through labor assisted by trained health workers, but in an unclean and uncomfortable environment? Health workers tried to convince expectant mothers that home births pose a risk to both mothers and newborns; babies delivered at home don't benefit from the early care that health centers are equipped to deliver.