"We will expand, scale-up, and cover more districts...but only in partnership with other [non-governmental organizations] NGOs and the public sector." Staff from the East African Development Communication Foundation (EADCF) sit together in their office in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, nodding in agreement as the director reflects on the group's successes and describes how it will build on them to reach more Tanzanians with crucial HIV/AIDS information.Like many organizations in Tanzania, EADCF has struggled to understand not only how to access the millions of dollars promised by international donor

Burdened with the worst AIDS epidemic in the western hemisphere, severe poverty, and political upheaval, Haiti is trying to meet the urgent need for expanded HIV/AIDS services.

Fifty-three year old Vuyisile Makabeni is gaunt and haggard and too ill to work. His cheeks cave in as he describes his various experiences with TB. Each time he has started treatment, he stops as soon as he begins to improve. Like thousands of other South Africans, Vuyisile has yet to complete the six-month course required for a cure and therefore contributes to the country's low cure rates.