Expanding Access to Medicines in Cambodia   Each year, thousands of children die from treatable illnesses in areas with few resources and little medical knowledge. To address this situation, Management Sciences for Health works through the USAID-funded Rational Pharmaceutical Management Plus (RPM Plus) Program to expand access to essential medicines and increase awareness about effective treatments. One Cambodian mother's story is a tragic example of why expanding access to medicines is critical to decrease child mortality.

Expediting the Roll-Out of TB and HIV/AIDS Programs"I have learnt that a laboratory service is the engine oil that lubricates the 'mechanical system' of the hospital, without which the engine breaks down. As a leader, I will ensure that the oil is always available."A participant in Uganda's Laboratory Performance Improvement Program used this metaphor to portray the power of laboratory management teams. These teams have broken through hospital barriers that hinder the roll-out of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS programs.

Nicaraguan leaders inspire community commitment to improve health, education, and citizenshipThe assembled community leaders had tears in their eyes as one woman described how the bombs in Nicaragua's civil war ended her pregnancy. Divided in the 1980s by an internal war, these auxiliary mayors and community leaders from the Waslala municipality were brought together by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) for a value-based leadership and management development program.