2015 Annual Report: Stronger Health Systems for Global Health Challenges

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2015 Annual Report: Stronger Health Systems for Global Health Challenges

The year 2015 saw a critical transition in global development. The Millennium Development Goals, which mobilized national governments to achieve remarkable improvements in health and reductions in poverty, were succeeded by the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17 SDGs demand even more universal and ambitious action to eliminate poverty. Goal 3 aspires to end the most deadly diseases and achieve health for all.

We can achieve these goals by delivering everything it takes—people, money, medicines, information, and facilities—for stronger health systems that can prevent disease, treat illness, and relieve suffering. MSH’s 45 years of long-term relationships with local and international partners have shown how steady investments in health systems can help communities improve health.

Universal health coverage provides the essential foundation to expand health care access to everyone, engage everyone in their own health care, and enable countries to achieve SDG 3. MSH has been privileged to work with others to create accountability mechanisms for the national investments in health systems that achieve universal health coverage.

With the 2015 launch of the No More Epidemics® campaign, highlighted in this report, MSH is calling for greater investment in epidemic prevention to safeguard people in every nation. Ebola made clear the need for better governance and stronger workforce to detect infectious disease threats early and halt their spread. Better access to family planning services can prevent harm from Zika. Better pharmaceutical management can contain TB and influenza.

MSH is expanding access to maternal and child health care, as you’ll read here in stories from Madagascar and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You will learn how we are using the power of advocacy to save the lives of mothers and children through the newly-launched FCI Program of MSH. You’ll also read about how our decades of successful work strengthening pharmaceutical systems will be a pivotal piece in the global fight against chronic disease.

MSH is deeply grateful to the more than 40 governments, foundations, private sector partners, and multilateral organizations, as well as a growing number of individual contributors, who support our approach to greater health impact for people around the world. Together, we will meet the evolving health challenges of our time.