Annual Report 2018: Getting to the Heart of Health Systems

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Annual Report 2018: Getting to the Heart of Health Systems

Since 1971, MSH has worked in more than 150 countries to strengthen health systems and help our partners consistently deliver effective, affordable, and available medicines and services. We lead by supporting and educating, helping people build on what they already know to ultimately take charge of their own development—and their own health. We consider people’s needs and wants first, and put them at the center of both strategy and results. That means establishing trust and equitable relationships with those with whom we work, listening as much as we speak.

Our people-centered approach ensures that the people with whom we work can take charge of the progress they’ve made and can lead their own way to optimal, self-sufficient, resilient health systems and longer, healthier lives.

Our 2018 annual report focuses on smart capacity building, private-sector engagement, combating and controlling infectious diseases, and using data for decision as a whole systems strengthening strategy to solve today’s problems and guarantee healthy, prosperous futures.