Annual Report 2019: Sharing Strength, Building Resilience

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Annual Report 2019: Sharing Strength, Building Resilience

Making foundational changes to the way people receive their health care requires an understanding of the whole system, from economics to environment, government to community, and hospital to community health worker. The work that is required, often behind the scenes, to ensure someone receives the right medicine, the right diagnosis, and the right support is as complex as it is essential. That is at the heart of what MSH does.

From helping a state in crisis like South Sudan estimate the cost and impact of delivering basic health services through community workers to designing software for the government of Ukraine to monitor patients as they undergo tuberculosis treatment, MSH began or continued initiatives this year to ensure that people receive dignified, quality health care. 

The results of this work can be astonishing. This year, we feature our work in Madagascar because it is a succinct story that nevertheless illustrates the complexity and breadth of what we do. Years of partnering with the people of this island nation have yielded impressive results.

From the brief descriptions of our work around the globe, you will glean how everything we do builds more resilient global communities. You can read about how we are building diverse coalitions, supporting leaders, optimizing information for decision making, and engaging communities. Our focus on creating local capacity is how MSH has operated since its founding in 1971 and is just as relevant today. None of this would be possible without the people who commit to bringing about change every day in every community in which we work, including our partners and our donors.

On behalf of all of us at MSH and the millions of people whose health and lives depend on our work, I thank you for your support.