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Our Experts

View Person: Olumide Elegbe
Olumide Elegbe, Director, Strategy, Business Development, and Partnerships

Olumide Elegbe

Director of Global Partnerships and Strategy

View Person: Amy Boldosser-Boesch
Amy Boldosser-Boesch, Senior Technical Director and Practice Area Lead for Health Policy, Advocacy and Engagement, and Integrated Health Care

Amy Boldosser-Boesch

Senior Technical Director and Practice Area Lead for Health Policy, Advocacy, and Engagement and Integrated Health Care

View Person: Muluken Melese
Muluken Melese

Muluken Melese

Senior Technical Advisor, TB and HIV and AIDS

View Person: Niranjan Konduri
Niranjan Konduri

Niranjan Konduri

Deputy Technical Director, MTaPS Program

View Person: Tamara Hafner
Headshot of Tamara Hafner

Tamara Hafner

Senior Principal Technical Advisor, MTaPS Program, Research

View Person: Anton Luchytsky

Anton Luchytsky

Principal Technical Advisor, MTaPS Program, Infectious Diseases

View Person: Kate Henderson
Kate Henderson, Senior Technical Advisor, Leadership, Management, and Governance at MSH

Kate Henderson

Technical Director and Cluster Lead for Leadership, Management, and Governance

View Person: Waiswa Nkwanga
Headshot of Waiswa Nkwanga

Waiswa Nkwanga

Senior Technical Advisor, UHC, and Coordinator of the Civil Society Engagement Mechanism for UHC2030

View Person: Kate Kikule
Kate Kikule

Kate Kikule

Senior Principal Technical Advisor, MTaPS Program, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Systems

View Person: Cecilia Muiva
Cecilia Muiva

Cecilia Muiva

Technical Strategy Lead, MTaPS Program, East Africa

View Person: Pedro G. Suarez
Dr. Pedro Suarez, Senior Director Infectious Diseases Cluster

Pedro G. Suarez

Global Technical Lead and Cluster Lead for Tuberculosis

View Person: IniAbasi Nglass 
Headshot of Dr. IniAbasi Nglass

IniAbasi Nglass 

Deputy Chief of Party for PMI-S

View Person: Christian Suharlim
Christian Suharlim

Christian Suharlim

Principal Technical Advisor, Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment

View Person: Alaine Nyaruhirira
Alaine Nyaruhirira

Alaine Nyaruhirira

Principal Technical Advisor for Laboratory Systems

View Person: Allan Were

Allan Were

Senior Principal Technical Advisor and Cluster Lead for Vector Borne Diseases

View Person: Saba Waseem
Saba Waseem headshot

Saba Waseem

Health Financing Senior Technical Director

View Person: Paul Waibale
Dr. Paul Waibale, Senior Principal Technical Advisor

Paul Waibale

Senior Principal Technical Advisor for Infectious Diseases

View Person: Colin Forsyth

Colin Forsyth

Research and Data Use Lead

View Person: Felana Rajomarison

Felana Rajomarison

Principal Technical Advisor and Health Financing Francophone Lead

View Person: Rebecca Levine

Rebecca Levine

Technical Director and Cluster Area Lead, Women’s, Children’s, and Adolescents’ Health