Addressing the Critical Management Challenges of the Future

In September 1994, many thousands of men and women from every corner of the world—national leaders and representatives of governments, family planning organizations, women’s groups, and health agencies—will meet in Cairo, Egypt to discuss what is probably the most important issue facing the world today: the limits to global survival resulting from rapid rates of population growth and slow rates of economic and social development.

To identify some of the major management challenges facing family planning managers in the future, the editors surveyed 100 key researchers, policy makers, and program managers in the international family planning field. These individuals identified as many as 30 different challenges facing family planning managers today.

This special issue of The Family Planning Manager provides a window on the ideas and experience of a cross-section of family planning managers around the world. It will be through the continued efforts of these managers, our readers, that high-quality family planning services will become accessible and affordable to all those who need them. These managers hold the key to making family planning services a global reality.