Developing a National Health Sector Client Registry in Tanzania


Unique identification is essential to progress toward meeting PEPFAR’s 95-95-95 goal. For people living with HIV, better program management means more timely testing and promotes continuity of service for lifesaving sustained ART. Providers can assess treatment regimens and their effectiveness toward achieving viral suppression. Finally, with population data from the system, the Government and donors can accurately assess the effectiveness of health facility, national, and global HIV/AID strategies and investments. The Tanzania Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children recognizes the potential of information technology to transform health service delivery and its digital health investments align with the National eHealth Strategy (2013–2018) of which the Client Registry (CR) is a foundational digital health solution. A national health sector CR will help make sure that individuals in Tanzania receiving health services, including for HIV/AIDS, receive unique IDs. MSH is supporting the development and implementation of a CR for Tanzania. The work comprises developing an approach, setting a framework, and producing a set of digital tools in collaboration with the Government and other partners.