Electronic Dispensing Tool

In Namibia, Togo, and 10 other countries, MSH pioneered the Electronic Dispensing Tool, a cutting-edge information system that uses the patient as the focal point and captures critical information needed to make decisions about an individual’s drug regimen, as well as stock inventory and aggregate patient statistics.

How it’s used

Ensuring that the correct medicines and amounts have been dispensed to patients and carefully monitoring patients’ adherence and response, and possible side effects are critical functions of a clinic. In general, a patient’s medicine history is seldom maintained, and those histories that are kept are not readily available to the dispenser, making it difficult to monitor patient care and compile service statistics needed to support management decisions. The Electronic Dispensing Tool helps maintain basic patient profile information, medicine history, and other data that are essential for the dispenser to know at the time of dispensing.



Where it has been applied

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