MSH's COVID-19 Solutions: Pandemic Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Fact Sheet

The spread of COVID-19 has disrupted lives, communities, and economies worldwide. Leaders across all sectors of society must urgently act to minimize its impact on public health, safeguard foundational health system functions, prevent further disruption to lives and economies, and support recovery. 

MSH strengthens country health systems to meet the challenge of COVID-19, maintain essential health services, and prevent and prepare for future pandemics by:

  • Strengthening leadership for better planning, risk communication, and execution of preparedness, response, and recovery


  • Fortifying emergency supply chains to ensure access to medicines, equipment, and supplies where and when needed


  • Engaging communities in COVID-19 surveillance, control measures, and communication


  • Strengthening infection prevention and control to prevent spread and protect health workers and patients


  • Targeting surveillance, critical diagnostic, and case management functions for rapid, direct impact