MTaPS Pharmaceutical Financing Fact Sheet

USAID supports strategies to improve pharmaceutical-sector financing, including resource mobilization, allocation, and use. To reduce out-of-pocket expenditures and adequately fund essential medicine packages and the country systems needed to manage them, countries need to use evidence to generate political will to allocate more resources to health, enhance financial management and expenditure analysis so resources can be mobilized efficiently, and undertake reforms to avoid waste and improve disease management and system outcomes within existing resources. USAID MTaPS supports countries to achieve local health system financing objectives and the global sustainable development goal of improving access to essential medicines and health technologies by focusing on five core strategies: align pharmaceutical-financing strategies with overall health system objectives; strengthen country systems for efficient pharmaceutical resource allocation and use; improve the availability and use of evidence-based medicines financing strategies and pharmacy benefits programs; adopt viable approaches to reduce financial barriers to access to medicine; strengthen in-country capacity to mobilize additional and sustainable resources.