TB Economic Burden Analysis Tool

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TB Economic Burden Analysis Tool

Tuberculosis is a major cause of adult deaths and places a huge social and financial burden on the people who have the disease, as well as on their families and communities. The economic burden of TB can be a significant drain on a society’s resources and having estimates of the costs is very useful when advocating for funding from governments and/or donors.

MSH developed the TB Economic Burden Analysis Tool to help national and sub-national Program Managers and others calculate the economic burden. Based on treatment numbers and assumptions on dropout rates etc., the tool adds treatment costs, patients costs, and productivity losses to calculate the total economic burden.

The tool is in Microsoft Excel and is designed to be used by TB Program Managers at national and sub-national levels. It has a users’ guide, is user-friendly and transparent and modifications can be made by the user. Although the tool was developed for TB services, it could be adapted for other vertical programs, such as malaria and HIV/AIDS. The tool was developed by MSH for USAID’s TB CARE Project in Indonesia but can be used in any country. 

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