The Challenging Times and Opportunities for Pharmacovigilance in Africa during the COVID‑19 Pandemic

Journal Article
  • C. Ogar
  • W. Mathenge
  • C. Khaemba
  • H. Ndagije
Drugs & Therapy Perspectives
May 2020. DOI:


This commentary highlights the challenges for pharmacovigilance (PV) posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and how PV practitioners in Africa can use this opportunity to strengthen patient safety. The commentary discusses remedies that lack clinical evidence and are potentially dangerous and the hidden effects of irrational use of medicines and medical products. It also examines the increase in poor reporting of adverse effects as well as the weakening of PV systems. It concludes that drug safety practitioners need to be vigilant about these risks and strengthen reporting systems to document, characterize, communicate, and minimize the risks of such remedies.