Management Sciences for Health Announces Dr. Dan Schwarz as Vice President for Global Health Systems Innovation

January 24, 2023

Management Sciences for Health Announces Dr. Dan Schwarz as Vice President for Global Health Systems Innovation

Medford, MA–January 24, 2023–Management Sciences for Health (MSH) announced today the appointment of Dr. Dan Schwarz as Vice President, Global Health Systems Innovation, the team responsible for leading MSH’s cutting edge global health technical expertise.

Dr. Schwarz joined MSH in June 2022 as Associate Vice President of Global Health Systems Innovation. After a rigorous global search process, Dr. Schwarz was promoted to Vice President in recognition of his significant achievements in the seven months since he joined MSH.

“In his short time at MSH, Dan has already achieved tremendous progress in advancing MSH’s technical expertise and our relationships at the country level – where he has already visited and advised our projects and partners in the Philippines, Bangladesh, Madagascar, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, and Senegal,” said Marian W. Wentworth, President and CEO of MSH. “I and our colleagues have been impressed by Dan’s leadership skills: he brings a combination of humility, commitment to mission, a passion for localization, and a clear technical vision for what is needed to strengthen Primary Health Care globally. I am excited to see what Dan can continue to bring to our organization.”

Prior to joining MSH, Dr. Schwarz was the Director of Primary Health Care at Ariadne Labs, a joint center for health systems innovation at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where he led work in more than 20 countries. Previously, he was the founding Executive Director, and, subsequently, the Chief Medical Officer for Possible and, before that, Dr. Schwarz worked for Partners In Health and several other non-governmental organizations throughout sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia. In addition to his work at MSH, Dr. Schwarz is also a general internist and pediatrician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital, where he continues to see patients and teach medical students. You can read more about Dr. Schwarz’s background in his bio.

Dr. Schwarz said: “It has been one of the great honors of my career to join MSH this past year, and I continue to be ever more inspired by the work we are doing every day. There is striking and tragic inequity in our world, and I believe that we can and must do better. It is our moral obligation to the children of tomorrow, and I am confident that MSH can be a beacon of hope for their future.”