Management Sciences for Health Partners with USAID to Accelerate Elimination of TB in Indonesia

September 06, 2023

Management Sciences for Health Partners with USAID to Accelerate Elimination of TB in Indonesia

Arlington, VA—September 6, 2023—Management Sciences for Health (MSH) today announced a new partnership with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Indonesia to assist Indonesia in addressing the tuberculosis (TB) epidemic and achieving 2030 TB elimination targets. 

The five-year project, USAID’s Working Together to Eliminate TB (known locally as Bersama Menuju Eliminasi dan Bebas dari TB) (USAID BEBAS-TB), will focus on four densely populated provinces with high TB burdens (North Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, and East Java) and facilitate collaboration between the private and public health sectors. The goals of the project are to improve TB prevention services, case detection, diagnosis, and care; establish strong health information systems to enhance the collection and reporting of TB data; and ensure the reliable supply and distribution of TB medicines. USAID BEBAS-TB will also facilitate the planning process to increase and optimize government funding for TB and address gaps in existing research to further improve TB control. 

Indonesia has the second highest TB burden in the world. Using a holistic primary health care systems integration approach that focuses on decentralization and resilience, the project will help find and treat an estimated 1.2 million new TB patients—including 42,000 drug‐resistant‐TB patients—thereby saving lives, advancing TB elimination, and contributing to a strengthened, resilient health system. 

“We look forward to strengthening capacity among our health system and community partners through the USAID BEBAS-TB project to jointly discover and unlock barriers to TB elimination,” said Marian W. Wentworth, President and CEO of MSH. Wentworth said a key component of the project will be developing the technical and institutional capacity of local organizations so they can continue as reliable, strong partners to Indonesia’s National TB Program and USAID.  

The project will be implemented in collaboration with five local partners and one other international organization. 

More information about MSH’s TB work is available here