MedSource, Kenya’s first member-driven pharmaceutical group purchasing organization, has been launched today

October 11, 2018

MedSource, Kenya’s first member-driven pharmaceutical group purchasing organization, has been launched today

Nairobi, Kenya—October 11, 2018—MedSource, a group purchasing organization dedicated to improving the availability and affordability of quality medicines and related supplies for the people of Kenya, launched today in Nairobi.

The first organization of its kind in Kenya, MedSource leverages the combined purchasing power of its members to negotiate favourable contract pricing from suppliers. It offers members access to a broad catalogue of quality products from prequalified distributors and manufacturers.

Membership is open to pharmacies of all sizes, hospitals and hospital groups, institutions and in-house clinics, dispensaries, clinical laboratories, and health networks. The company expects to direct an annual procurement of USD $25 million within its first five years. Based in Nairobi, it is a fully-owned subsidiary of Management Sciences for Health (MSH), a global nonprofit organization based in the United States.

Chief Pharmacist and Registrar of Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB), Dr. Fred Siyoi welcomed the entry of MedSource into Kenya market saying its presence will contribute to universal healthcare by reducing costs of medication.

“The government welcomes the important role played by all players and MedSource’s role cannot be overemphasised,” Dr. Siyoi added.

MSH’s President and CEO, Marian W. Wentworth, observed that even as the world is making great strides at improving health outcomes, even in low-resource countries, access to medicines continues to be a challenge. “MedSource also represents an innovative way for MSH to create private-sector opportunities to help deliver quality health services and products to more people. We are happy to add this novel approach to the range of other work that we have done over the years and we hope this venture in Kenya is just the beginning of similar work throughout Africa,” she said.

MedSource’s Board Chairman and MSH’s Vice President for the Pharmaceuticals and Health Technologies Group, Dr. Douglas Keene, said the platform will be valuable to stakeholders such as pharmacies, hospitals/clinics, distributors, manufacturers, and especially patients. “Our main focus is—and will always be—to improve accessibility and availability of affordable, quality medicines and laboratory and health supplies for health care providers, and people from all walks of life,” he said.

Dr. Peter Kamunyo, MedSource’s CEO, said he hopes the organization will fill the gaps in the availability and affordability of life-saving medicines, especially those used to manage non-communicable diseases. “Many families are struggling to continuously provide medication, especially to handle non-communicable diseases such as cancer, hypertension, and diabetes, among others. Through MedSource, health care providers will be able to procure the medicines their customers need at more affordable prices,” he said.

Other MedSource benefits include:

About MedSource

MedSource is a for-profit group purchasing organization aimed at improving accessibility and availability of affordable, quality medications and lab and health supplies. These services will benefit both health care providers and the population at large, while strengthening the capacity of its members to improve management of their businesses. MedSource is a wholly owned subsidiary of Management Sciences for Health. For more information, visit

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