MSH and Liberian Government Launch New Electronic Logistics Management Information System

May 08, 2018

MSH and Liberian Government Launch New Electronic Logistics Management Information System

On May 7, the Liberian Ministry of Health (MOH) and the USAID Collaborative Support for Health (CSH) Program launched a new electronic logistics management information system (eLMIS), the culmination of a year-long effort to help streamline pharmaceutical supply chain management in Liberia.

The CSH team worked with partners to develop the web-based system, which provides both the Liberian government and donors access to stock status at all levels of the supply chain to assist in distribution, quantification, and timely procurement of drugs and supplies. The system also serves as an early warning mechanism to help avert stock-outs, prevent wastage, avoid emergency procurements, and ensure uninterrupted supply of all key products.

The electronic system will improve the user’s ability to capture, analyze, and generate supply chain information for decision-making for public health programs at all levels. In addition, it enhances supply chain visibility through a secured website. To ensure data quality and reduce workload, the system includes built-in features such as auto-calculation, pre-population, and validation rules.

Over 50 people attended the launch event. Speakers included the World Health Organization representative in Liberia, Dr. Mesfin Zbelo. Speaking on behalf of UN agencies in the country, he said, “Helping decision-making at the right time with quality data is very important for quality health service delivery. Today… the eLMIS is going to help us to do just that.”

[Liberia MOH Chief Medical Officer, Dr Francis Kateh Photo Credit:Gashaw Shiferaw/MSH}

Liberia’s Chief Medical Officer at the MOH, Dr. Francis Kateh, noted that the tool will help the MOH use limited resources more efficiently. The Honorable Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah, Liberia’s Minister of Health, echoed this, highlighting that the use of technology and its ability to “enhance accountability through eLMIS is one of the most important things for the MOH.”

The USAID Liberia Mission Director, Dr. Anthony Chan, congratulated the MOH on this advance in supply chain management, recognizing that the eLMIS will increase the availability of real-time supply chain information through automation of data processing. “This will, in turn, facilitate efficient management of lifesaving essential medicines, infection prevention and control commodities, laboratory reagents, and other health products, including reproductive health commodities,” he said.

The MOH is implementing the system across the country, with the goal of having it fully operationalized by July 2018. The next steps include interoperability with other health information sub-systems, such as the District Health Information System 2 and the Central Medical Store warehouse management system.