MSH Claims Top Prizes in the 2023 Society for International Development “Lightning Talk” Video Competition

June 08, 2023

MSH Claims Top Prizes in the 2023 Society for International Development “Lightning Talk” Video Competition

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) claimed two of the three top honors in this year’s prestigious Society for International Development’s (SID) “Lightning Talks” video competition.

The winning submissions, crafted in an engaging TED-talk style format and lasting just three minutes each, delve into critical aspects of development that MSH believes will drive global health initiatives over the next decade and help achieve the health-related Sustainable Development Goals. The winning videos were showcased to hundreds of development professionals and stakeholders worldwide during the 2023 SID-US Annual Conference on May 24.

Country-Owned, Country-Led Programming

MSH Kenya Country Director Wawira Munyi takes viewers on a three-minute journey of insight, empathy, and empowerment as she weaves a powerful anecdote that shines a light on the unintended consequences of development projects designed without adequate community input. Drawing on her vast expertise, Munyi offers a thought-provoking exploration of how good intentions can sometimes pave the way for misallocation of precious resources and less impactful, unsustainable outcomes and makes an irrefutable case for putting locally led programs at the top of the development agenda.

The Importance of Comprehensive Health Systems

Misalignments between country and donor priorities can worsen existing health inequities and prevent us from seizing opportunities to improve access to quality health services. MSH Senior Technical Advisor Mame Diarra Mbaye provides valuable insights into the most effective approach for sustainable and equitable health outcomes. By prioritizing comprehensive health systems over disease-specific programs, Mbaye explains, we can achieve significant improvements in health care and realize a world where everyone has the opportunity for a healthy life.