MSH Subsidiary MedSource Launches in Kenya

On October 11, 2018, MSH’s fully owned subsidiary MedSource, a pharmaceutical group purchasing organization, held its launch event in Nairobi.

The first organization of its kind in Kenya, MedSource is dedicated to improving the availability and affordability of quality medicines and related supplies. Membership is open to pharmacies of all sizes, hospitals and hospital groups, institutions and in-house clinics, dispensaries, clinical laboratories, and health networks.

{MedSource CEO Dr. Peter Kamunyo. Photo credit: IMG Events and PR}

During the event, a number of speakers discussed the importance of this new venture for positive health outcomes for the people of Kenya. Chief Pharmacist and Registrar of the Pharmacy and Poisons Board Dr. Fred Siyoi and MSH President and CEO Marian W. Wentworth both highlighted the critical role that MedSource will play in attaining universal health coverage. “It is an exciting opportunity [for] the various chains of hospitals and distributors to get to the point where they can deliver accessible, affordable, high quality medicines and health for all,” Wentworth said.    

[MSH President and CEO Marian Wentworth.] {Photo credit: IMG Events & PR}

MSH Vice President, Pharmaceuticals and Health Technologies Group, and MedSource Board Chairman Dr. Douglas Keene said the platform will also be valuable to stakeholders such as pharmacies, hospitals/clinics, distributors, and manufacturers, providing them with data and business management assistance.

Dr. Peter Kamunyo emphasized the importance of efficacy, affordability, and accessibility to strengthening the health care system in Kenya and his hope that the organization will fill gaps in all three areas.

MedSource expects to direct an annual procurement of USD 25 million within its first five years. For more information, go to