Join MSH at the HTAi 2024 Annual Meeting

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Join MSH at the HTAi 2024 Annual Meeting

Join MSH at the HTAi Annual Meeting, June 15–19 in Seville, Spain. This year’s theme, “A Turning Point for HTA? Sustainability, Networks, and Innovation,” will explore opportunities and challenges in growing Health Technology Assessment (HTA) networks and supporting innovative health care solutions. Over the past few years, the health care sector has undergone significant changes in involving digital health solutions, personalized medicine, AI, and more. The HTAi Annual Meeting will bring together experts from around the world, such as our MSH delegation, to discuss and debate the role of HTA in leading health innovation.

Panel Discussions

Monday, June 17

Advancing Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Worldwide: Insights from Global Initiatives 

  • Time: 11:35 AM–12:50 PM Central European Summer Time (CEST)
  • Location: Andalucia 6+7
  • Moderator: Dr. Christian Suharlim, MSH Principal Technical Advisor for Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment

Join us for a compelling panel discussion that will explore the development and institutionalization of HTA guidance across diverse contexts, with a global perspective. This session will showcase collaborative efforts that have led to the creation of HTA roadmaps, offering valuable insights from Indonesia, the Philippines, Ukraine, and Ethiopia. Learn how these initiatives adapt and contribute to HTA development, even in nascent, conflict-affected, or active HTA environments..

Global Collaboration to Strengthen Health Technology Assessment: Experiences from International Initiatives and Networks

  • Time: 5:15–6:30 PM (CEST)
  • Location: Andalucia 3+4
  • Moderator: Rabia Sucu, MSH Senior Principal Technical Advisor for Health Policy and Financing and HTAi President

Global collaboration in HTA is key to support countries and reinforce HTA worldwide. In this panel, learn about the regional and international initiatives and networks that are fostering international collaboration, including joint capacity building, database sharing, and collective efforts to develop HTA. Examples of milestones reached will be presented, and proposals for further collaboration and how to move forward will be discussed.

Poster Presentations

Tuesday, June 18

In Person

Improving Patients’ Access to Medicines through HTA in Ukraine—Measuring the Impact of the National HTA Roadmap (in-person)

  • Time: 11:20 AM–12:05 PM (CEST)
  • Location: Andalucia 3+4
  • Presenter: Dr. Oresta Piniazhko, Director of HTA Department, State Expert Centre of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine
Health Technology Assessment Training Program in Ukraine—An Example of Collaborative Capacity Building (virtual presentation)
Step-By-Step Introduction of Hospital-Based Health Technology Assessment in Ukraine (virtual presentation)