Christian Suharlim

Christian Suharlim

​Senior Technical Advisor, Health Technology Assessment

Dr. Christian Suharlim, Senior Technical Advisor in Pharmaceutical Economics and Health Technology Assessment (HTA), is a public health expert with over 15 years of experience, including medical practice in rural Indonesia, policy work at the Ministry of Health, extensive research and teaching at Harvard, and capacity-building and stakeholder engagement at academic and international NGO institutions. He is a core author for the USAID-funded HTA Roadmap to institutionalize HTA in LMICs and leads HTA strengthening for countries in the Asia region, focusing on Indonesia and The Philippines. He supports governments in strengthening HTA capacity across the entire lifecycle: from Topic Selection, Assessment, and Appraisal, with a lens of championing participatory decision making, the use of Real-World Evidence, and the use of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis.

Dr. Suharlim leads the USAID-funded cost modeling to estimate the cost of delivering COVID-19 vaccination programs. He also led the analysis of actual- and normative- costs of delivering the Primary Health Care (PHC) service package in Kenya and developed various instruments examining PHC costing, field-based sampling, and cost-effectiveness of health technologies. Lastly, he served as the Director of, an online platform for policymakers and researchers funded by the Gates Foundation. Dr. Suharlim serves in the COVDP global working group on costing and financing, the WHO Vaccine Delivery Costing Expert Working Group to develop a consensus statement, and serves as a convener for the Immunization Economics Special Interest Group at the International Health Economics Association. 

Before joining MSH, Dr. Suharlim served as Research Associate at Harvard School of Public Health. In this capacity, he developed the costing tools and instruments for Intensified Mission Indradhanush, one of the world’s largest immunization drives. He also led the data management and analyses of EPIC, one of the most extensive coordinated sets of immunization costing and financing studies in six countries (Benin, Ghana, Uganda, Zambia, Honduras, Moldova).

He received his MD from Universitas Indonesia, an MPH in health policy and management from the Harvard School of Public Health, and his postdoctoral fellowship from the Harvard Center for Health Decision Science.