Governance Roadmaps toward Priority Health Targets

Governance Roadmaps toward Priority Health Targets

Health policy makers, program designers and implementers, and public health practitioners are often not aware of how to promote good governance and may not have the tools to influence governing bodies and their governance decisions.

As strategic management tools, roadmaps force deep thinking, explain where teams are going, and subsequently help everyone stay on track. The governance roadmaps apply this private sector approach to support more effective global health planning and program design.

These governance roadmaps are practical guides to better understand the role of governance in the advancement of priority health areas at various levels of the health system. They allow for the identification of barriers and governance actions to overcome them, provide lessons from others in similar settings, and tools and resources to support governance actions.


Please follow these instructions while viewing the roadmaps to take full advantage of their functionality.

  1. View the PowerPoint file in “Slide Show” mode

  2. Use the buttons in the presentation slides to move back and forth

  3. Do not use the arrow keys on your keyboard

  4. Click on the level that you are interested in

  5. Click a barrier that you think exists in your own setting

  6. Click an underlying governance issue that you think applies in your setting

  7. This will take you to governance actions, milestones, tools and resources, and examples from the field

Essentially, you choose a level you are interested in and select a barrier you are facing. Upon selecting a barrier, you will see root causes related to governance. After becoming aware of the root cause, you can learn what you can do about it. You also have an opportunity to learn from how others have overcome the barrier through case examples. You will be able to access tools and resources to use in overcoming the barrier yourself.