Story Collection: Strong Partners Drive Robust Responses to HIV & TB in Eastern Uganda


This publication shares stories from the Strengthening TB and HIV & AIDS Responses in Eastern Uganda (STAR-E) project. STAR-E is a key partner with the government of Uganda in scaling up HIV and TB services. When the project began in 2009, STAR-E supported just 16 health facilities, with only one that provided antiretroviral therapy (ART). By 2015, the project had scaled up support to 154 health facilities in 12 districts, all of which provide a wide range of HIV and TB services. A key component of this scale-up is supporting a continuum of care between the health facilities and their served communities, through linking patients to a wide range of community and health facility services. Today, thousands of people in the 12 target districts have access to comprehensive services along the continuum of care, involving both public and private health care providers, local nongovernmental organizations, community-based civil society organizations, and other community leaders.