We have worked in Benin for more than a decade on a range of projects focused on malaria reduction and activities related to leadership, supply chain, case management, and quality assurance at all levels of the health system.

Innovations in Combating Malaria

While the rainy season brings welcome relief to farmers in northern Benin, the wet weather also brings mosquitoes that can spread malaria, which threatens thousands of children in the region. Since 2019, health workers supported by the MSH-led USAID Integrated Health Services Activity have been treating children with seasonal-malaria chemoprevention therapy, which has reduced cases by up to 50%. In 2020, in partnership with Catholic Relief Services, we supported the National Malaria Control Program in launching an offline app to ease data collection, improve accuracy, and facilitate real-time decision making. We assisted local health authorities in implementing COVID-19 preventive measures ahead of the campaign. Using a smartphone and a small solar panel to keep it charged in remote locations, health workers provided treatment to 302,448 children, with 95% receiving all four required rounds.


We work with local partners to strengthen Benin’s health system with a focus on reducing maternal, newborn, and child mortality and morbidity and strengthening pharmaceutical supply and delivery resilience. Our work has been instrumental in strengthening the delivery of high-impact malaria services, family planning, maternal and child health, and gender-based violence services while supporting the decentralization of accountability for the health system to local communities—those that best understand the needs and are most prepared to address them. Recent programs have contributed to nearly two million children receiving medicine to prevent malaria, survivors of gender-based violence obtaining streamlined support, and pregnant women accessing higher-quality antenatal and postnatal care.

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Management Sciences for Health, Beninese Government Continue Partnership with USAID to Strengthen Benin’s Health System

MSH will continue its longstanding partnership with the Government of Benin and USAID with a new project to unlock the potential of Benin’s own resources to improve its population’s health. MSH has assembled a strategic and primarily local consortium of partners and a women-led, all Beninese team to lead key areas, including expanding national health insurance, engaging private providers, and facilitating providers’ access to financial solutions.