COVID-19 Diagnostic Resources for Low- and Middle-Income Countries


Access to affordable, accurate testing is central to countries’ ability to contain the spread of COVID-19, yet few resources have been created to assist low- and middle-income countries as they navigate the complex scientific, regulatory, and business environments surrounding test procurement.

The introduction of various diagnostic tests has grown exponentially, but the performance and quality of most of these tests have yet to be determined and independently validated.

To address this gap, we worked with the Rockefeller Foundation to develop COVID-19 diagnostic resources for policymakers in low- and middle-income countries, including:

  • A landscape analysis of laboratory technologies to help countries demystify the technical characteristics that differentiate across test types and products that outlines the strengths and limitations of each of the three main types of COVID-19 tests
  • Strategic guidance on end-to-end supply chain management to assist with getting diagnostics and other health technologies from the manufacturer to the patient while ensuring quality, safety, and cost
  • Interactive dashboards to provide countries with transparent data on available tests, swabs, and equipment to understand their options and manage their supply chain needs

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