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Partnerships are critical to achieving our mission of saving lives and improving the health of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. Since 1971, MSH has partnered with a range of government agencies, organizations, and foundations to deliver lasting results in over 70 countries. From local implementers and charitable foundations to government donors and like-minded corporations, our partners know they can rely on MSH to provide the technical expertise and decades of experience necessary to bridge the gap between knowledge and action in public health.

Implementing Partners

MSH strategically partners with organizations to ensure that projects achieve their intended results. Whether building the capacity of local organizations to ensure sustainable results or collaborating with an international organization to tap into a complementary technical area, MSH is committed to working together with like-minded organizations to improve health around the world.

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Bilateral and Multilateral Organizations

Since its founding, MSH has worked extensively with bilateral and multilateral organizations to design and implement projects that have strengthened health systems around the world. We deliver value to our partners by developing and implementing evidence-based approaches in financing health services; leadership, management, and governance; and pharmaceutical management.

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US Government Agencies

A wide range of MSH’s technical/development support and business consulting services are available to US Government agencies through the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) of the General Services Administration, which enables efficient and compliant contracting at pre-negotiated ceiling rates that the Government has already deemed fair and reasonable.

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Corporations and Foundations

The world’s toughest public health challenges require multi-sectoral solutions. MSH works collaboratively with corporations and philanthropic foundations to bring innovation and impact to our work combining private sector knowledge and resources—with MSH’s evidence-based approaches and global reach—to strengthen health systems, save lives, and achieve lasting change.

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