Leadership and Management Accelerator (LMA)

Leadership and Management Accelerator (LMA)

The Leadership and Management Accelerator (LMA) is a cutting-edge, continuous improvement approach to help teams more effectively face challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve results through action-based learning. LMA builds on the success of the Leadership Development Program Plus (LDP+), which was developed by MSH and used by thousands of health sector teams in more than 80 countries. MSH’s 35+ years of pioneering experience using leadership development has helped transform how teams improve health systems and model locally led development.

From climate change to the rise of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) and increased costs of care, today’s global health challenges are complex and rapidly evolving. We understand that these challenges will not be solved with externally driven solutions or the heroics of individual leaders alone. Instead, MSH focuses on strengthening the leadership, management, and governance capabilities of teams and networks to forge the diverse and untraditional coalitions needed to create locally designed solutions that will accelerate the transformation of health systems for tomorrow.

Our LMA suite of adaptable leadership development programs have been associated with statistically significant improvements in health services above and beyond effects of technical capacity strengthening alone, produced documented breakthroughs in priority health indicators, and resulted in health outcome gains that have been sustained beyond the end of a single project.

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