Continuing Our Commitment to End Preventable Childhood Deaths

Continuing Our Commitment to End Preventable Childhood Deaths

{Photo credit: Rui Pires, Ghana}Photo credit: Rui Pires, Ghana

MSH reconfirmed its commitment to ending childhood deaths due to diarrhea and pneumonia by renewing its endorsement of the Declaration on Scaling Up Treatment of Diarrhea and Pneumonia (PDF).

MSH has a long history of acting on two of the areas specifically outlined in the declaration, namely promoting "access to affordable, high-quality, over-the-counter ORS and zinc products and/or access to and rational use of amoxicillin in both public and private sectors" and supporting "sustained demand creation to increase awareness of use for diarrhea and/or pneumonia treatments, including teaching caregivers when and where to seek treatment and improving knowledge and skills of health providers to promote and deliver appropriate treatment and care."

At the global level, MSH actively participates in the Pneumonia and Diarrhea Working Group, formed to support the UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children, as well as in other initiatives such as the Community Case Management Task Force, whose objective is to increase access to life-saving interventions for children.

At the country level, MSH continues to support governments and other key stakeholders to implement community case management (CCM), including assisting in budgeting and planning for implementation, training and supervision of providers, and strengthening pharmaceutical management for CCM. Also at the country level, MSH has developed innovative strategies to increase access to medicines for children in the private sector.

In addition to MSH, the declaration is endorsed by: Abt Associates; Clinton Health Access Initiative; FHI360; icddr,b; Intersect; John Snow, Inc.; The MDG Health Alliance; Micronutrient Initiative; Path; Population Sciences International; Save the Children; UNICEF; World Health Organization; and World Vision. Commitment makers include: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Canadian International Development Agency; the Elma Foundation; GlaxoSmithKline; Ikea Foundation; McCann Health; Norad; Norweigan Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Teck; USAID; and the international zinc association.

Read the declaration (PDF).

Beth Yeager, MHS, is the SIAPS principal technical advisor for Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (RMNCH).