Carmen Urdaneta receives Global Health Council's 2005 Photography Award

The Global Health Council presented its 2005 Photography Award to Carmen Urdaneta for her body of work in the past year, especially her photographs from Afghanistan

Afghan child. Photo by Carmen Urdaneta.
CAMBRIDGE, MA (MAY 25, 2005) Carmen Urdaneta joined Management Sciences for Health in 1999, holding several positions in the U.S. and South Africa before being promoted to Senior Communications Associate in 2003. Carmen traveled extensively for MSH, documenting our work in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. A gifted writer and photographer, Carmen published numerous stories on public health issues.

Carmen's photographs reveal the deep connection she had with people she met through her work and her personal dedication to telling their stories. With unflinching honesty, compassion, and commitment to social action, she put a human face on international health issues. This award affirms Carmen's legacy and inspires us to continue our work to improve health conditions for less fortunate people around the world.

On February 3, 2005, while on assignment, a plane carrying Carmen and two MSH colleagues, Amy Lynn Niebling and Cristin Gadue, crashed outside Kabul Afghanistan. MSH has established the Gadue-Niebling-Urdaneta Memorial Fund to further the work to which these three remarkable women dedicated their lives.

To see more of Carmen's photographs and read her stories from the field visit Global Health Council web site.