EQUITY Project 2002 Annual Report is now available

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA — This year, the eyes of the world again turned to South Africa. From the launch of the African Union and the World Conference on Sustainable Development (WSSD) to the continuing battle against HIV/AIDS and the food crisis in the region, 2002 was an exciting and challenging year. Each of these historical moments highlighted the importance of health in some form: whether during international delegates' discussions on sanitation and hygiene during WSSD or through a new union among African leaders aimed at improving lives across the continent.

The EQUITY Project, a project of South Africa's Department of Health funded by USAID and implemented through Boston-based Management Sciences for Health, has released its 2002 Annual Report: Building Capacity in a Changing Health Environment. In-depth stories covering the Project's main technical areas-from quality assurance and drug management to HIV/AIDS and TB-highlight the year's key successes while reflecting on lessons learned and remaining challenges. By focusing on the importance of building local capacity to make health system improvements in post-apartheid South Africa, the EQUITY Project 2002 Annual Report challenges readers to ensure the sustainability of such improvements, thus making certain that South African families will benefit from improved quality and accessibility of health services for many years to come.