We work to strengthen the governance and management of Ukraine’s pharmaceutical sector by implementing measures that boost transparency, improve cost efficiency, and promote an effective and sustainable supply chain system. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we have helped safeguard access to affordable and reliable medicines and health commodities, especially those used to prevent, diagnose, and treat HIV, AIDS, TB, and COVID-19. 

Boxes of health commodities stacked on a trolley at a Ukrainian pharmaceutical warehouse, Ukraine. Photo Credit: Farmasoft

Ensuring uninterrupted access to lifesaving medicines in Ukraine

The chaos and violence of the war has had devastating effects on nearly every aspect of life in Ukraine, including the health care system. The attacks have destroyed hospitals and health clinics, disrupted supply chains, and prevented patients from accessing the care they need. In the immediate aftermath of the invasion and continuing today, we refocused our efforts to combat these wartime challenges and worked with the Government of Ukraine to distribute medical humanitarian aid to those most in need. While many of our project staff have been forced to flee their homes, they remain dedicated to this mission and continue to build on our progress to reform Ukraine’s health care system. In addition to keeping the supply chain intact and establishing public- and private-sector partnerships to maintain an ample supply of medicines, equipment, and medical staff, we will continue to help forge a path forward for Ukraine and provide hope in the midst of uncertainty.


For more than a decade, we have supported efforts in Ukraine to strengthen the country’s health system and improve the availability and use of essential medicines. We work with the Government of Ukraine, civil society, and private-sector partners to bolster pharmaceutical governance and management, contribute to a longer-term plan for pharmaceutical financing, and strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain system. Our projects have helped ensure that patients in every region of the country can access lifesaving medicines and health commodities for HIV, TB, COVID-19, and more.

Our project staff quickly modified and scaled operations to better support Ukraine in the wake of the war. We continue to distribute medical humanitarian aid to those in need, monitor the supply of medicines and health commodities, and build on our work to promote transparency and sustainability in the overall health system.

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Health Technology Assessment for Evidence-Based Decision Making

In 2017, Ukraine began the process of institutionalizing health technology assessment (HTA) to optimize its health resources, ranging from medicines to medical devices, and promote evidence-based decision making to improve quality of care and treatment costs. Despite numerous challenges brought on by the pandemic and ongoing war, the USAID SAFEMed Activity has provided technical and legal support to help the country establish a strong and sustainable HTA function.

The Affordable Medicines Program Is Helping Ukraine Achieve Health Equity Despite the War

Limited access to medicines and care can be detrimental for those living with chronic diseases who rely on medication to stabilize and control their conditions. To help prevent disruptions in access to lifesaving and other essential medications during the war, SAFEMed stepped in to provide expanded support to the National Health Service of Ukraine to ensure the national Affordable Medicines Program continues to operate.