Myanmar: Our Impact

{Photo Credit: MSH Staff}Photo Credit: MSH Staff

Management Sciences for Health has been working closely in collaboration with the Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance) on the introduction of the new dispersible pediatric fixed-dose combination. Through MSH’s projects across identified high-burden countries, we have been providing assistance on updating treatment guidelines and essential medicines lists, registration of the reformulated product, financing and reprogramming grants, quantification, and training healthcare providers on the medicine and its use. 

Born in 1949 in Rangoon, Burma, Dr. San San Min had a childhood of privilege and entitlement. As the daughter of Rangoon's mayor, San San grew up with servants and tutors. However, her parents understood and accepted the civic duties that came with that lifestyle. Her father's open-door policy of actively listening to the needs of the community and her mother's insistence that San San and her siblings assume many household chores gave San San Min a platform to make the professional choices she has made.